We are working to improve the data we hold currently about the UK Pubs Sector. Whether you are a pub landlord or a keen pub-goer, we welcome contributions and corrections to the UK Observatory data set. Doing so is straightforward:

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Go to the map

Navigate to areas or specific pubs you are familiar with - you can search by establishment or area.

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Click and respond

Once you've identified an establishment, you can log information about it by clicking on the pint glass and the link.

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Keep in touch

You have the option to enter your email address to keep updated about the work of the Observatory.


When you navigate to the Pub Map, you can click on individual establishments - prepresented by pint glasses - to update their details. You can log information like their opening status or owner/operating Pub Company.

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Search for place/pub


With a number of pub campaigning groups in operation, why is another resource needed? The UK Pubs Observatory combines data from across the sector with crowd-sourced insight on issues where less is known (for instance, change of use and pub ownership). This approach has a number of benefits:

Understanding the Pubs Code

Differentiate closure/opening patterns between establishments regulated by the Pubs Code Regulations 2016 and those that are not.

Spatial Analysis

Detailed geographical information can be analysed for spatial variations in the composition/closures within the pub sector.

More accurate pub closure statistics

Putting establishments to the numbers allows for concentrations of closures to be tracked more accurately.

Pooling data

By working with other organisations, data can be cross-referenced against other databases to improve the sector's understanding of itself.

A public resource

The map is available publicly online and can be shared for free.

Informing policy

With a team of researchers, practitioners and campaigners behind the project, the data will be analysed to help future policy (such as the next statutory review of the Pubs Code Adjudicator) and to support campaign work.